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Thursday, March 17, 2011

green onion gardening

I like making little green onion garden in my place
so, wherenever I need little bit when I am cooking, I can just
run to my garden to hurvest some.
just save the roots and soak in the water
and plant them in a soil
Here, my little green onion pot is done.
Looking forward to see them grow new leaves soon.
Croched small doily with linen yarn.
While I crochet or knit, I am very calm and relaxed.


  1. So adorable, your doily. I feel exactly the same, crocheting and knitting makes me very calm as well. Helps to take the mind off all those troubles.

  2. I am going to do some more today.
    Thank you, Mina for sweet message.

  3. Crocheting makjes me calm to and forget bad things. Your crochet is very pretty.

  4. Thanks Lotte. When I am working on crochet, my mind is in a peaceful place.