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Saturday, March 26, 2011

linen bath mat

The linen bath mat I was kintting finally finished and it feel so
good on the skin.   But I don't feel like steppin on
right away.  I am going to just look at it and enjoy for a while.

To make it durable and thick, I used
4 yarns (two linen & two cotton).


  1. It is beautiful!

    Still awake? Or already out of bed? I'll go search mine now... ;)

  2. Oh how nice! Did you come up with the pattern yourself or did you find it in a book?

  3. I usually just knit or crochet in a way my mind moves that day..
    It's fun that way!

  4. Slipstitched edge looks nice!

  5. the apparent thickness of the mat is great, as is the color. but i would also be hesitant to use it...