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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


my avocado now has a little sister.  I named big sister, avo
and little sister, cado.  Here are my avo&cado siblings.
Hoping they will grow big in my garden ✾
avo & cado ♡
souvenir from yesterday's walk


  1. avo would actually be a very pretty name for a girl! kind of like ava with an o but pronounced ah-vo

  2. So cute, I am growing a little curious about avocados now, too. Do you only need the big seed that's inside of them? Or is it a special one you need to buy in stores?

  3. Mina, after you eat aviocado, you can use that big seed to plant.
    Long time ago, I planted a seed in a soil instead of putting the water and it grew too. The very first leaves coming out from the soil was so cute and soon it got so big.
    This time, I am enjoying keeping in the water first so I can observe closely in my living room.
    I think you can try either with water or in the soil.