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Thursday, March 31, 2011

spring potting

Planted some of the plants that I bought the other day in a pot.  The
 first white one is "Rhodanthe" and it is good for making dry flower.
Other ferns and littile viola are my souvenir from
the mountain I went for walk. 


  1. Those plants are lovely! I'm glad you liked my succulents :)

    As for advice, I advise you to get as many as possible! They're awesome. You pretty much pot them, chuck them in the sun and water rarely (or never if you live in a wet climate). They're pretty fail-safe which is why they're my plant of choice!

    Plus, they look so cool and colourful :)

  2. Your picture of rhodanthe is beautiful.
    I'm amazed you could grow violets from the mountains. I've tried to replant some but they didn't resist much.