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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

today's walk

Walked to the town this afternoon.  Love looking at these
little ones as I pass by.  Each of them have so much character.  Charming, I think.
I always feel so great when I take a long walk.  Fresh air, beutiful blue sky, birds singing ♪,
seen new house being built, etc......
Had a cup of coffee and blueberry cake at the coffee shop with my friend. 
Bought raisen bread, avocado, some see weed, tofu on the way home.  and luckly,
on the way home, when I look up, I saw smiley moon
                                                                ☽ totally silent night


  1. I also made a nice walk today, I also can enjoy the little things that nature has to offer, very pretty pictures

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  3. I love seen changes in nature as I walk. Where should I walk today? ^^
    Thank you Lotte.