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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Would you like some linen coffee filters?

I made some more linen coffee filters today and would like to
share them.   

I have been utilizing some of them since &.
They are still in a good shape!   After using them once, remove coffee ground
and rinse it and let it dry.  Once in a while, I use baking soda to clean them little better.
Use pinch of baking soda, mixed it with warm water and let the filter
stay in there for few minutes or so. 
Then, after rinsing this, let it dry by itself.
Recommend handwash only.
I wouldn't put in a laundry machine with your clothes.

Here are those I have been using for couple of months now. 
Linen fabric is getting softer and softer.  I love the way linen looks, feels,
and the color and their durability.

I will send two sets to 2 people, whoever would like to try using them.
If there are more than 2 people showed up, I will select 3 randomly.
Just let me know in comment section.
I hope you will like them.


  1. Linen is a very beautiful fabric. I think making reusable coffee filters is such a great idea Coco. I bought a ceramic coffee maker when I was in Japan a couple of weeks ago - it would be very special to use handmade Japanese filters in it :)

  2. Unfortunatly, we don't drink coffee at this house! And I'm not regretting that, because I don't like the taste of coffee (I do like the smell of it!) But if I would like it, I'd definetly like to make coffee with this natural material!

  3. Hello, I would absolutely LOVE to try some of these and would be happy to pay you even. We enjoy a coffee every morning to start the day. We have just moved to a new country recently and were just thinking about whether to buy a coffee drip machine, but perhaps this is a good option.

    Do you place the filters in a little drip cup and then on top of your coffee mug?

    I found your blog through Belle fleur de lis and I am so glad that I have. I will come back and visit often. Thankyou!