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Sunday, March 20, 2011

wrapping lunch box

when I wake up early, I like to check out how the sky looks and I feel so lucky
if I see the sun just coming out way from over there.  It's like the sun is yawning and says
"oh, I have to go and wake up worldful of people......".  So much dedication to his work!
Another beautiful morning is here. 

I am taking my homemade lunch again to work.  Here is how I take it wih me this morning.  
In stead of buying handkerchief, I like making my own.  Here is one of them.  I use
my own handkercheif to wrapp lunch I make every day.  Simple wrapping and
then put it in a drawstring bag I made the other day. 
Now everything is my own original, lunch, handkercheif, and drawstring bag....
I just like making things as much as I can. 
Sometimes,  I would hide little chocolate
in the bag for surprise.  The
who opens would be me though ☺


  1. Everything here in the US is plastic...I do get tired of it. Your way is nice, I like it and maybe I will try that with a picnic since spring is almost here.

  2. Picnic in spring sounds nice. I like making picnic lunch and sit on the grass and eat them.