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Monday, April 4, 2011

seeds collection

after having cinnamon toast for breakfast, I got all my seeds out and tried to figure out
when/where to plant them all.  I would love to grow everthing as possible but I don't have
a big garden.  I can only grow things in a little pots.......
Here is one of my favorite plants and seeds.  They have ♡ shape in the middle which I find
it very attractive.  They grow in a vine and when they bloom, they will have
tiny tiny white flower..and then, have little cute balloon.  I love these balloon
as they are so lovely looking.I can't wait to have them in my balcony this summer. 
Cardiospermum halicacabum
Crape myrtle
lots of other seeds I don't even know


  1. alicia,
    I just got out from garden(^^), my little balcony, sowing those seeds. almost feel like you are here too.

  2. thanks for stopping by on my blog and letting a comment! i discover now your blog!
    about the wooden cups, they are from japan, so i guess, you might find them in japan.. (lucky!)

  3. Oh, how beautful! Never saw such seeds before. I am curious how the grow, maybe you'll share some images? And by the way, cinnamon is the best, I put it everywhere, you have to try tea with milk, honey and a little cinnamon on top! Yummy!

  4. cinnamon with tea, I will have to try.. sounds good!

    I will show you when they grow and started having some ballons.