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Thursday, April 21, 2011

cappuccino or latte

what is the difference between cappuccino and latte?  After little shopping in a city, I
came home feeling exhausted.  Walking in the city is not the same as walking in the woods or
park, it's more like a obligation to walk fast to keep all the line goes smooth with so many other
people.    Sooo tired and made myself a cup of cappucchino like with bit of
cinnamon sprinkled for flavor.  ummm, nothing is better than a cup of hot coffee,good coffee. 
Have you had a cup of coffee today?
I didn't buy much...except bag of orange and some garden items..
These oranges were so nice looking and couldn't resist. 


  1. Hot coffee with cinnamon is the best! I had one too this morning! I love your blouse, the colour looks so nice and the fabric seems to be very light and soft! Have a nice day!

  2. Those oranges look perfect.

    I was so tired on the way home from work that I bought a take away but it was horrible :( I wish that people with a passion were employed to make coffee instead of kids who don't care. Now I will boil some water for the real thing.


  3. I think cappuccino is stronger and with less milk than latte. I didn't ever have coffee with cinnamon, I really must have a try soon, 'cause I love the taste of cinnamon. I drink often cinnamon tea which is also great.

  4. I love cinnamon tea too. I might have that after supper tonight!!

  5. Having home-made coffee right now, looking at your photos! Love your outfit and those oranges are almost too pretty to eat. Have you tried nutmeg on latte? mmm I have found cinnamon on oatmeal with hot milk is good, also.

  6. Never had NUTMEG in latte before. didn't even know that it is good in coffee.
    nmm, I must try it. Will go find nutmeg at the store next time. Thanks for the infor.

    Those oranges are from California...
    smell of CA~ it was good.

  7. To me, nutmeg tastes a bit like eggnog, if you like that. 8) Yay for CA (my son lives there!)

  8. Your oranges are especially pretty. They look prettier than my oranges and I live here in CA. I like fresh ground nutmeg on my cappuccino. Oh, your question... A latte has more milk than a cappuccino.

  9. Denise,
    it is funny that all the fruits are so pretty here even though they are imported from other country. but it cost more.

    hm..I am now really wanting to have nutmeg. I need to run to the store!

  10. Eh eh this is funny. Cappuccino in Italy is made from Espresso + milk foam. We usually don't drink it during the day, it's something we like as breakfast, in the morning. "Latte" is the italian word for "milk". So if you order a "latte", here, you have a simple glass of milk! Maybe in the USA (unfortunately I've never been there) "latte" is what we call "latte macchiato" (spotted milk), a glass of milk with an Espresso inside. So maybe the difference is the amount of latte. Sorry for this loooong comment Coco!