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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

little dream

last couple of years, I wanted be to a chef bacause I love cooking and
love to cook with my own ideas.  If I had something I really like at the restaurant, I
would try to create similar kind of taste but no recipi, so I would just guess and use my
imagination, what kind of seasoning they might have used, hearbs they used to
creat such a wonderful aroma.  It is the most joyful thing and when it turns out
satistfying taste at the end, I find myself being very happy, probably more than happy....
satisfying feeling I experience.  That is how much I desired and still dream about it once in a while.

lately, I want to be a gardener or florist because not only I love plants and flowers, but it also
gives me wonderful peaceful mind and am so content with what I do and feel on my hand as
I dig the dirt, cutting greens, and smelling flower blossoms.  At the moment, I am trying
to creat a little garden paradise  in my place, so I can enjoy summer under the green.....watching
morning glory vine crimbing up the sky, seeing shadow of all the plants, see the birds
coming to visit my garden while I read the book there.

at the same time, I've always wanted to be a photographer too...carrying my little camera and traveling
all over the world to catch beautiful things which attract me.    Me and my camera are like the most
close friend who always stay together.  I take it with me every time when I take a walk.

All those things are my favorite things to do and am glad that I can share these with
people who come to visit my blog.  
Do you dream about things like I do?


  1. Very nice thoughts and dreams!
    I love to work with plants too and also often dream of being a gardener and I also love to take pictures :)
    I find it sad that there are many many people out there who have not the job they really like. Many are forced to take jobs because they don't get the one they want or they need the money so badly that they have no possibility to change it.
    Lovely shadow picture!

  2. what can I say? I studied interior design, ilustration (only a year), and gardening. Actually I work at a flowershop, I have a new job and I am quite happy at this new shop. But I would like to have my own flower and brocante shop. I love gardens, but I am not able to start the lawnmower by myself...

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it! I think it doesn't depend on what you studied or worked as for a while. There is always the opportunity to change into another business, to start something new. That's how I imagine my life to be! Keep on dreaming, coco!

  4. Oh yes, you love many of the same things I do.