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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

me and apron

I fell in love with this natural cotton fabric and used to buy a lot.
After seen me so many times buying the same fabric, one time
the store clerk asked me, "what are you making?"
"make pair of summer pants, apron, kitchen cloths, bag,pillows......
anything I can think of". 
Just love the softness and durability
I feel skirts and sandals today.  How about you?
I think, usually, when I feel like this, I am in a good mood
with positive attitude and feel like a girl. I am going to have a
good day today. Hope your day is going well as I do.


  1. i feel the same when i put on a skirt! lately i have been wearing more skirts to cheer myself up because the weather has been so grey here. i just can't wait until the day comes when i don't have to wear tights underneath!

  2. I think you are totally right! Today, for instance, I didn't feel good. I just wore jeans and boring dark colors. It is true when I am happier I will feel more like wearing a skirt. I adore the photo with the apple! The brown ribbon is a nice touch.

  3. skirts and sandals are reserved for the very sunny days for me! this fabric looks nice :)

  4. I hope it is soon warm enough here too to wear sandals and skirts outside :) It makes such a free feeling! The picture with the apple is wonderful!

  5. I put my sandals on as well today ! And we went for a short walk in the park so I could clear my had a bit I am a bit nervous for the examination this thursday. Also saw wonderful cherry blossoms !

  6. Glad to hear that everything is going so well. Sandals and a skirt is the perfect combination on a sunny day!