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Thursday, April 21, 2011

stripe bag

this navy blue stripe bag.....I started making long time ago, but took a long long time off
from finishing up because of idea for handle part.  Originally, I was going to make handle
little long as a shoulder bag but debating now.  maybe leather handle or canvas or.....xxxx
not sure. 
If you have any good ideas, I would love to hear that.  ♡

The reddish stripe one on the left is another one I made in the past.  Canvas inside,
cotton on the outside, then soft caramel leather was sewed on it as short handle. 
I made this one for myself to put anything in it for me to be clutter free...


  1. Because of the dog I have to make a walk every day, but I really am glad about it, 'cause without him I think I would be too lazy sometimes. I have the luck that my bf enjoys walks, too very much, so we try to escape from the city whenever we can and you don't have to be far away from Vienna and find the most beautiful places in nature :)
    I need it also mostly for my mental health and since I live in Vienna I need it even more :)
    I enjoy your blog very much!
    Is the left bag also from you? Both look gorgeous! I know the handle problem, I think leather handles would fit well, maybe some soft leather...
    Have a great day!!

  2. Such pretty bags!

    I think I would use a canvas handle, to fit with the colours of the bag. But leather might also be pretty, just like with the red bag.

    Enjoy the weekend!