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Friday, April 22, 2011


I was feeling little down today because I couldn't be there for my dear
friend birthday.  Wish I were closer in distance.  Just wished happy birthday via email.
rain,rain,..rain....since yesterday.  I bet my little vege garden is happy.  
I was talking to someone yesterday and she said that she doesn't like
too much rules as she feels no feedom and she can't be herself.   So,
she chose herself little time off from society and have relaxed breakfast
when she wakes up and when she feels like it ....what she wants.
I totally agree with her as I feel the same. Feel my mind is restraint if
there is too many rules, has to follow....and be the same as other people.
I like having my own ideas and really enjoy having my imagination, curiosity,
and exploring my own world rather than being the same as others. 
Until yesterday, I thought I was alone as I feel like this but glad to
find how she feels too.
my sprouts has grown this much now and they are getting
prettier and prettier ......I wonder how much they can grow. 


  1. I understand, I don't like it when there are too many rules. Your sprouts look beautiful!

  2. If everyone is doing something, I don't want to do it. I don't look like other women my age (my hair is quite long, and I dress differently.) I don't have the same hobbies--don't watch television, couldn't tell you what Survivor and American Idol are all about, although I can easily guess.

    I hope the sun comes out soon! <3

  3. hmm, I don't have TV either at least at the moment^^. but I have been able to find something elst to entertain myself.

    When I need general infor, I take a peak on TV at work and listen to other people wisper.....^^.

    I kind of like the quietness of not having TV, all the unwanted noise.

  4. I agree so much. When our time can be our own, we are so much happier. We don't have television either....don't like it at all.

    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my poems Coco ~ I love your name and the things you make :~)