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Monday, April 18, 2011

surprise night

Today, I didn't have a good day at work.  Was very frustrated with people ....I think it
was mostly because I unconsiously expect people to have same kind of common sense. 
so, I was very glad when my day was over...and got home after long day.
when I got home, little surprise was waiting for me!
As I opened my door, I first couldn't figure out what happend to my place.
There were water on the kitchen floor and living books and carpet
were wet, so as my very new spring tote bag was too. What happend I said. 
Then my upstair neighbor knocked my door.  She had mishap with her laundry
sets and apologized ....and apologized again and again.   She came back later, and apologized
some more and brought me this rolled cake.
After cleaning up water on the floor for almost an hour, I am finally relaxing and looking at
this cake, herbal coffee on the side.  uhmm..
what a day I had today but it all end up good when she said "sorry" and I said "don't worry".
umm.  Hope you all had a good day.


  1. well, al least she is a kind neighbour!

  2. You are really nice. Same thing happened years ago when we managed apartments years ago. The downstairs lady wasn't very nice about it.

  3. oh, I know these kind of days where you come home form an hard day and think now you can relax and then get surprised with something else "bad". But you managed well! I sometimes think it's like a test from life.
    I hope you enjoyed your cake in the end. It looks super good!