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Thursday, April 14, 2011

where I live

I live in a suburb so I can go to city if I wanted to ..... also for convenience but
I like country life better.   Look for quiet, peace, simple, natural beauty in I keep
walking and discover interesting things often. 
I am very facinated by small trail.  My heart wonders what's there if I keep walking, imagining
what is waiting for me out there is very exciting and I have high curiousity which never goes away.
Walking like this almost every day and taking photos and sharing with you,
I am really enjoying it and gives me very satisfying, refreshing feeling. 

I had this white shoes for a long, long time..maybe about 10yrs now.  It is
undescribably comfortable and went to walk with me wherever I go. 
but now, this shoes is getting old and about to retire...... I need to find
another one like this but hate to throw this away since I have so much
memory and love the color and the simple design.


  1. I like all the camelia, your white shoes... Your lucky to live in a suburb. :)

  2. Oh, I know how that is. I have a pair of boots that are so comfortable, I wanted to go back and buy more pairs so I will never be without them. Your photos are so artistic--I can almost smell the flowers. It is amazing what you can find anywhere if you have interest and curiosity.

  3. Very nice written! I can understand you very well about your feelings with nature and walking around. I am also very very curious :)

  4. I know how you feel about those shoes. I've become attached to certain special things in the same way.

  5. Being in Nature is my favourite too :~)

  6. i love the way you write... this post sounds like H. Murakami.
    It is legitimate to keep things that are a testimony of such nice moments of your life. I hope you'll find the new pair with which to write another part of the story :) happy walks to you !