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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

beautiful morning

I was still in deep sleep mood and could hardly open my eyes,
 but something so brightning hit my sleepy eyes as if she is saying
hey, I am here today
I think the sun is my best friend
when she is up, I am happy,
my soul and body wake up with her and enjoy the day until twilight
good morning everybody, storm is gone and me and my plants survived,
they are not as good shape as before but I know they
will regrow some more new leaves and flowers with me
a little visitor in my garden, I guess he survived too, so I took a little pitty on him
and let him have a breakfast in my garden, these cute new sprouts must be the orange I think,
many weeks ago I sowed them just to see if they ever sprout, here they are now ☺
cardiosprmum has grown this much now, it will keep growing taller and biggier,
it look very frail plants but unlike the way it looks, it is very strong,
can't wait to have tiny tiny flower and balloon soon

would you like to walk around my neighborhood with me?
street cats having morning meeting
thank you for all your sweet messages during the storm,
this is the scene I saw this morning from my walk

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

typhoon here today

 so much rain and grey sky
 need something brightening
strong wind and heavy rain have been hitting my plants and me
some of the pretty leaves are blown away...very sad and
am so worried about them.
I wish I could be the roof and stong wall to protect them
so they feel being a cozy home
to cheer myself up, I bought two marigold flower,
little bird told me that planting this flower makes
other bugs go away and that is why I got them,
and one rosemary for my pizza ingredient
I also wanted to get oregano but haven't had a luck finding one yet

I also found these cute mugs
 one antique green,
the other one with cute illustration of espresso maker
that I immediately fell in love with
green cardigan, green mug, it was unintentional but I must have been
in this antique green mood, I think it was probably because of typhoon,
my heart is longing for some cozy color.
so so windy! I hope the typhoon won't blow my apt and me away
that I live in a very old apt.  please wish me luck.
hope you are having a better day than I do today

Saturday, May 28, 2011

sewing and favorite

love candles especially when rain outside
sewing bags and ....etc
oh, I love BAKING bread and other things in OVEN
wooden container
my favorite pan, love the color


   working on a new bag

Friday, May 27, 2011

remembrance & roasted mashroom

remember the days I used to jump into the water when it's rain with
rain boots on it...♪ kicking water, making splash and
made friends mad... but won't stop doing the same thing because
it was such a fun to play in the rain ☂
but I am now older, I forget things I used to enjoy.
It's going to be rainy days for a while........

I walked back home after grocery shopping in town.
near the ghost house, wind brought me lovely smell of jasmine which is
one of my favorite flowers, made more thin crust pizza with capers,
roast shiitake mashroom for supper,
gave some of letters to postman, crossing my fingers,
tonight it is little chilly here, so I got heater on !
roast each side of  mashroom
when cooked, cut into small bite size pieces,
marinate with soysouce based salad dressing.
healthy, yammy appetizer
good with either wine or beer
lemon jam, avocado, cherry, bread, salad dressing, jar of capers,
kitchen soap, grated parmesan cheese I bought

                                                                 goooo night

small cherry

during my lunch hr walking yesterday, I found small cherries
on the tree, I think they are cherry, so I tasted one,
n~wa very very sour!
but they are still very cute to me,
do you ever get in a mood to crochet for certain color?
today, I picked pink.
recently I like this strawberry jam on toast, simple taste
like the one I had when I was a little girl.
toast, coffee, black pepper cheese for breakfast today

Thursday, May 26, 2011

in the evening

went to work today as usual, came home early while sun was still up,
but started raining as soon as I get home, picked some wild flowers on
the street near my house and
wrote some more to some of you, am doing this slowly as I don't want
to rush, but it is getting almost through, and I am getting little sad
that I feel like my mission is in the end......don't want to finish
yet.  but I suppose I should look at the bright side that
my friends are receiving handwritten note one at a time,
hope every letter will get there wherever you are❦
now, sipping black coffee one sip at a time.

good night everybody

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

basil, buckwheat, courgette&pumpkin

can't wait to harvest basil leaves

it's getting so gigantic
it is the biggest in my garden

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pizza for dinner

had a big craving for pizza for dinner tonight,
couldn't think anything other than
went for evening walk just a little bit
saw pretty yellow flower and picked some wild plants
to make dry flower
finally blue sky after the heavy rain
wonder what this is
gathered for dry flower making
what is this?

lately I've been craving for pizza often
just a simple one with herbs and cheese
so I call it cheezy pizza
very easy, quick, simple taste