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Sunday, May 22, 2011

after the rain

rain and strong wind lasted for a while this morning,
after the rain, I started making blouse,
wrote to friends, cooked dinner

I am having some difficulty reading few addresses
for some reason, the letters are converted to
something really weired.  so, if you don't mind,
you can leave your address under comment section
(won't be published)

good night everybody ✧


  1. I hate rain and strong wind, want summer and sun now. Would be nice to see a picture of your blouse. / / Helen

  2. I woke up due to the heavy rain this morning. But the sun is shining again as if nothing happened. You should show your blouse when it's done. Enjoy the start of the week.

  3. @those of you who sent me an address up until today, I got your address now! thank you and sorry for the trouble.

  4. will show you new blouse I made when weather is nice enough to take picture.

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  6. very lovely curtains ! the blouse looks good !