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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

beautiful morning

I was still in deep sleep mood and could hardly open my eyes,
 but something so brightning hit my sleepy eyes as if she is saying
hey, I am here today
I think the sun is my best friend
when she is up, I am happy,
my soul and body wake up with her and enjoy the day until twilight
good morning everybody, storm is gone and me and my plants survived,
they are not as good shape as before but I know they
will regrow some more new leaves and flowers with me
a little visitor in my garden, I guess he survived too, so I took a little pitty on him
and let him have a breakfast in my garden, these cute new sprouts must be the orange I think,
many weeks ago I sowed them just to see if they ever sprout, here they are now ☺
cardiosprmum has grown this much now, it will keep growing taller and biggier,
it look very frail plants but unlike the way it looks, it is very strong,
can't wait to have tiny tiny flower and balloon soon

would you like to walk around my neighborhood with me?
street cats having morning meeting
thank you for all your sweet messages during the storm,
this is the scene I saw this morning from my walk


  1. When I saw those little sprouts I thought they looked like little citrus trees. We planted some lemon seeds a while back, and they are growing! First time I have tried to grow a tree from seed. Very exciting.

    You asked about lavender... it is very easy to grow and if they have a container that is big enough, they can be grown in pots too. They like a lot of sun and soil that drains well.

    Kale has a very green taste - not sure how to describe. A little bit bitter, but in a nice way, can even taste slightly sweet, and a little reminiscent of broccoli greens. Very green. It is one of my favorite vegetables. Also easy to grow! Doesn't like too much heat though, so it is a best to grow in autumn or early spring if your summers are really hot.

    Glad your storm has passed and the sun came to visit.

  2. This post is so lovely, your words are beautiful and inspiring. So glad everything is okay. Your plants will be back to normal in no time...

    I appreciate your comment so much also. It really encourages me. Have a wonderful day and remember to wear a smile.

    Sending you warmth and light,
    Renee ♥

  3. So nice to follow you on your morning walk!

  4. It was such a lovely surprise to get mail from you! Your handwritten calendars are so adorable! Thank you! I will mail you back soon!
    I am glad that nothing serious happened to you because of the typhoon! And I hope your plants recover soon. I looked at the world map and saw that you must live near the sea and today you post pictures where you can see the sea! It must be so wonderful to live near the sea. It was ever a dream of me being close to the sea! Do you have shells there? I love shells, every time I am at the sea I am collecting some :)

  5. oh, I forgot: thanks for explaining me how to treat the cardiospermum!

  6. I'm so pleased to hear the storm is over and you and your plants are all fine. I'm bad at following the news, but I saw photos of the typhoon and it got me pretty worried.

    But it's nice you could wake up with the sun today. I hope you enjoyed this lovely day.

  7. Happy you are fine. Enjoy this nice day!

  8. what a lovely, peaceful morning walk you had. i like all the photos, esp the morning sun rays in your room.

  9. i'm glad to read you made it without damages, and your plants & critters made it too. wishing you some sunny happy days xx