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Monday, May 23, 2011

eat from my garden

raining again this morning,
picked some leaves to eat
nastatium and buckwheat leaf
made bite size pita sandwich
teriyaki chichen inside.....and leaves and flowers

since I now know the taste of these delicious leaves,
whenever I see fresh leaves in any plants,
they look yammy to me,
I wonder how they taste like and
tend to stare at them sometimes ☺
have you eaten any good leaves lately?


  1. You are right! Fresh leaves look so delicious and good in meals! By the way, I bought some white pepper and I must say I really like it! Thank you for letting me know that white pepper exists :)

  2. Looks so delicious, I hope you enjoyed your meal! I have never tried to eat nastatium flowers, but I will this summer! I plan to make a salad out of it or just sprinkle some over my sandwich!

  3. Claudia,Glad that you got white pepper. It is good isn't it.

    Mdmslle, nastatium flower has kind of sweet taste where as leaves are just bit bitter(not too bad though). Flower is really yammy. so, I hope you can try it soon.

  4. yes, it's really good! I think I won't use the black one anymore ;)

  5. I am trying to grow nasturtiums again. They aren't doing so well yet, but I think they will kick in soon. Lately I have eaten a lot of kale. I love kale! BIG leaves, compared to nasturtium :)