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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

old flowerly skirt

my sister gave me this old fashioned skirt.......the style is so old looking
and I thought " I wish she would give me something more modern, sweet one
instead of just old" ...
but when I found inside tag saying "Laura Ashley",
nmmm..I might keep it!  It is comfortable around my waist, so I wear it
when I am at home and make myself comfortable. 
I think it is nice to have something old sometimes and hate to throw them away. 

This white flower is blooming here now.  Very pretty. 
I think I am attracted to tiny flower in general.


  1. me too I´m attracted to tiny flower (in general too)...

  2. I love your Laura Ashley skirt.... my favorite cloths are old & comfortable....this skirt is lovely & so is your photograph.

  3. This flower is one of my favourites, and love your skirt, too!

  4. Your skirt is so pretty! And if it is comfortable, too then it is perfect! I have a lot of clothes that I only wear at home. I like them a lot, but am to shy sometimes to wear them out, because they are maybe not so modern or "in" :)