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Sunday, May 15, 2011

french thyme ♡

do you have your favorite herb?  mine is this french thyme, I found this few yrs ago
and it has smooth heavenly flavor and smell than other thyme I have tried in the past. 
It's almost like I'm in love with this thyme.  Use it for pizza, pasta, fish, salad, tomato soup,
tortilla wrapp with cheese, etc...just love it very very much.  I am not sure what I would do
with out it, if I ever runs out of this.  Do you have such things?


  1. Mmmm, will have to look for that! Recently I discovered adding a dash of cayenne pepper makes really ordinary things like canned soup taste almost gourmet!

  2. my favorite is thyme also - but I don't think I have ever tried French thyme.

  3. I like fresh parsley a lot and curry! and I also use a LOT oregano. I am not sure if I ever used thyme for cooking. I know it more from cough syrup and there I like the taste a lot, but whenever I hear thyme, I think of being sick. Maybe I should change that and try out some food with thyme as well!
    Have a wonderful sunday!

  4. I grow it in our (French) yard :) along with a few other herbs like rosemary, origano, basil...