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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

this morning

when I wake up in the morning, I first open the curtain and look through
the window and see how my plants are this morning. 
Here are some of small pots I made the other day.
L: mint, succulent pot
R: more succulent and unknown wild flower...don't know
the name but I like the cute round leaves with white and green
moss and succulent pot
I am loving this mini vege pot at the moment.  I have been
enjoying picking some new baby leaves every day for fresh salad.
cardiospermum halicacabum I sowed on 4/4 finally says hello to me this morning.
"I have been waiting for you to show up for a long long time.  glad you are here now!" ☺
I am so happy.  It took for a long time, longer than I thought.  but now
they should be ok and will probaly start growing  fast every day.  will show you the
I also like having morning glory in the summer too.  I am planning to
make green curtain on my window with this beautiful plant.  Can't wait
to have that green curtain!


  1. good morning (good night for me of course 0.47...)I don´t know if I understand well the meaning of what you say about the cardiospermum. Do you want it for diy your curtain?

    your post give me nice ideas for organise (or try at least)the shop window tomorrow at work. I have a lot of crasas and aromatic ones!

  2. Thanks for sharing this little view in your garden! Your pots and the arrangements are so wonderful! I am looking forward to your morning glory, it is such a beautiful plant, I wish I had some space left to grow one too!

  3. i'm happy to discover your blog thanks to 'belle fleur de lis' !! i love succulents plants i have a lot of them on my balcony .. my morning glory have begin to grow too, my favorites are the blue & purple ones.

  4. This is all so beautiful! It's so nice to see the process of the growing plants and your new pots! I wish I would have more space to do the same, but seeing yours also helps :)
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Hello Naoko,

    thank you very much for your mail, it really made me glad. It was a little bit strange because yesterday morning I was thinking about you that asked me if you could send me up some of your filters and some time later your package was in my mailbox. I want to give you something in return in the future to thank you.

    Your plants look all very good and I would react the same as you after waiting for a long time for this little sprouts to appear, they will become strong and healthy i am sure of it because you are such a plant lover and good care taker.

    Good luck with your new curtains!

  6. such beautiful morning glory. it's so lovely to see all of your different pots. :)