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Saturday, May 21, 2011

greatful to you ♡

linen&cotton skirt,
made this navyblue skirt last yr and it is sooooo comfortable, love the material, color,
but little while ago, part of it was discolorated because I was wearing it when I was
cleaning the bathroom with bleach spray, I regreted so much for my lazyness for not
chaging my cloth before doing cleaning.
So, I cut the discolorated part and made it little shorter.
Now, it is still wearable, so glad !

I came home from work little after 8:00pm tonight, and found lots of messages
on my recent post.  I am so greatful that I now have many friends who appreciate
little things in life as much as I do.  
Tonight, I am feeling so greatful to all of you who come visit my little life.
"thank you" and soon I will say good night.  
I hope you all have a very very nice weekend.

lots of love,
coco ♡


  1. what sad that your skirt was destroyed, but how lucky that you could save it!//Helén

  2. the skirt looks very nice. I still very glad you stopt by at my blog so I discovered yours, your posts are always so peacefull and love the simplicity of it every time.

  3. It is always nice to read your blog, your little stories and see your nice photos! So calm and simple! Love it!

  4. @Helen
    having a good friends like you inspire me and enjoy it. Thank you for your sweet words as always.

  5. linen & cotton are some big favorite of mine, together or separately... i like light linens that go wrinkled easily and are so soft in the summer... love your skirt !
    (just came across your lovely blog tonight but didn't want to leave without a comment)

  6. I love your skirt. It looks like the nicest linen, which is always so comfortable. So glad you were able to save it! My favorite skirt is a long linen one. I could wear it every day if it stayed warm enough.