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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hot summer

Getting hotter and hotter.  All I've been thinking about
is how to survive this summer. 


  1. I love your simple delicate photos!

  2. I want a new dress and yours is what I actually want!:-P

  3. I like your skirt.

    Are you thinking of escaping to Europe? If so, you should visit Sweden :) x

  4. @jessica,
    Would love to escape.
    and Would love love to live in Europe rather than just visit,,,if possible. Will you be living in Sweden? how nice.

  5. I am moving back to Sweden in July, this time more permanently :) I moved there on a whim in 2009 and it's the best thing I ever did.

    Is there anywhere in particular you'd like to live?

  6. I like Sweden (luckily since I live there) - but I do feel that the winters are too long. That´s when I dream about moving the family abroad. :-) The summers are often great though!