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Thursday, May 26, 2011

in the evening

went to work today as usual, came home early while sun was still up,
but started raining as soon as I get home, picked some wild flowers on
the street near my house and
wrote some more to some of you, am doing this slowly as I don't want
to rush, but it is getting almost through, and I am getting little sad
that I feel like my mission is in the end......don't want to finish
yet.  but I suppose I should look at the bright side that
my friends are receiving handwritten note one at a time,
hope every letter will get there wherever you are❦
now, sipping black coffee one sip at a time.

good night everybody


  1. dear coco,
    thank you for the nice comment on my blog. i find your world enchanting too! what a peaceful spot to visit.
    best, jill

  2. You make your days sound magical.
    And don't be sad, I'm very sure you'll end up receiving letters back. This one your mission might never end.

    Sleep tight.

  3. Nice flowers! I've never seen them before!

  4. I am sure you're going to receive answer from everywhere!!! I hope you sleep well! Nice dreams to you!! Catherine

  5. Sleep tight coco! And write tomorrow more :)