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Friday, May 6, 2011

in a mood for pink

In a mood for pink last few days.
Feel like being surrounded by only flowers, lovely tiny ones..and
plants, no noises.

Am having dilemma of being single and living in my own life style..
It takes two people to get married but my surronding makes noises
which annoys me.  can't help it till I have someone special.
Also, I live in a way that I only have things that I can afford by myself with my own budget
and try to creat things as much as I can and I actually enjoy it. 
Probably because of this, I crave for pink color, color comfortable and gives me cozy warm feeling. 
In a few days, I am sure I will be ok and at the moment, I have at least a place to share my thoughts
and feeling and can be honest in my blog.  If there are other people like me, I would like to hear
your thoughts whoever like to share with me. 


  1. Isn't it strange - before I met my bf I surrounded myself also with pink! I had pink curtains, pink bed covers, a lot of pink clothes - I think you are right, it makes us feeling held and cosy. I mostly were longing for someone in the evenings, daytime was mostly ok. And people around are always strange, no matter how old we are. If you have no partner, they tell us we should have one. If we have a partner, they don't stop, they ask us for children and wedding... they always find something to gossip about. My neighbor is bugging me every time she sees me, why I have no baby.
    I live a similar lifestyle with lot's of creating and always looking for ideas to improve my life without money. I think you should be proud of yourself and who you are, cause all I can see in your words and pictures is that you are a sensitive and wonderful person! And I am sure if you have the wish inside your heart for a partner, you will get one, but always remember: good things come to those who can wait :)

  2. I like wide-eyed's advice. You have such a lovely blog, beautiful photos with lots of plants & creativity. It is clear you are very special. As w-e said, you should feel proud of yourself & find pleasure in the lovely life you are creating. Then when you lest expect it change will come.

    In the mean time enjoy your color pink & your flowers.

  3. I agree with both of the comments above. You're obviously a beautiful and interesting person, and as long as you know that, I think the desire for a partner is a healthy feeling. But, as things go, I'm sure you will meet someone when you least expect it. (This, somehow, always happens.)

    So, keep indulging in all of your simple pleasures (oh, that dusty rose pink!), and keep taking strides to make yourself a better person in your own eyes. I think this sort of self-content and happiness will ease your mind and lead you to the perfect special someone.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. @Claudia, Sally, Jessica
    good morning. Thank you very much for encouraging commnets. When I least expect, it might happen! I agree.

  5. Interesting reflections Coco, and very nice comments from the readers. I'd like to point out that when the day comes and you have a partner (or even children) you'll always be YOU. Somehow with less time for "only" yourself, and having to make some concessions everyday. But your creativity, your inner peace and happiness, and your essence will always BE THERE. Warm regards in these pink days.