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Sunday, May 22, 2011

inspiration and Emeril

on my day off, I like to get up really really early because I love
early morning hours.  The air is so fresh, everything looks so pretty.
I prepared dough for petite breakfast pizza and went for a walk about only 15-20min.
Surprisengly, within only this short period of time, my dough was ready,
they must have gotten so excited and kicked it up a notch while I was
away. fu~.

Have you ever watched emeril's cooking shows.  He is my great inspiration.
What I love about him is the way he cooks and all the dishes he prepares look
so delicious.  It seems like he uses his own imagination and believes in his own idea
and it is really fun to watch him cooking.  Every time after I see his show, I get in a
great cooking mood with full of new ideas, feeling good, I am standing in the kichen.
got up early today
took a short walk around neighborhood
it's ready!!
I made petite petite pizza for breakfast.
thin sliced potatos, shredded cheese, fresh grond pepper,
fresh thyme from my garden
rosemary from a garden at work ☺
drizzled olive oil on top prior to baking
some small ones without pepper and LEAVES for my nephew
he loves my pizza but "no leaves please", he says

p.s. anybody else who like to hear from me? but
haven't had a chance to send me your address.  
I will be sending letters out in few days.
so, please let me know where you live to coco.


  1. I'd love to hear from you! I've emailed you my address. :-) Those pizzas looks so tasty.

  2. Your pizzas look delicious! Have a nice day!

  3. The pizzas look so delicious! Is it difficult to make?

    I prefer mornings over evenings. Also because it's a lot more quiet in the street. Everything is so peaceful and calm.

  4. Hi coco. Thanks for your comments! Thought I would answer your questions. We live in a townhouse since 2009 with a tiny garden where it can fit a little of everything. I am very happy even though we lived in a house with a garden of 5500 square meters before. There I had a large greenhouse, garden pond and several large discounts. But I feel like a fish in water here.//Helén

  5. Hi coco!
    I love mornings too. Saturday morning the most. I have to work but there is less people at the street and I take breakfast at my "Saturday café" (I only go on this day).

  6. @eva, this pizza is super easy one. I am not sure if I ever posted recipe, if not I will show you sometimes.

  7. What delicous looking little pizzas Miss Coco. Your package hasn't arrived yet, but generally international mail seems to take about 2 weeks here. I'll let you know as soon as it does, can't wait, very excited! THANKYOU