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Saturday, May 7, 2011

linen skirt and Jack Johnson

Do you have some clothes that you wear only at home to make yourself comfortable? 
I have lots of them, my cotton&linen pants, linen skirts etc. The linen skirt I love, it used to
make a sound like "paper bags rubbing each other" but it's been for few yrs now since
I made it.  Now, it has gotton a lot softer and and very comfortable.  I love the color and
embroidery on it.  With the same material, I made bags, kichen cloths, and summer pants...
really love this material. Very long lasting fabric. Soon, I need to get out more spring/summer
clothes from my closet and let them breath for coming summer.

listening to  this morning.
Thanks to Jack, am enjoying calm atmosphere.


  1. I love jack johnson, his music gives a good and light ambience. I have also lot's of clothes that I wear only at home, I think I mentioned before, and somehow I think when we wear these clothes we are really ourselves. Your skirt is so nice! I am looking forward to warmer days again so I can also go barefoot. Here it is quite cold again at the moment.

  2. Hi Coco, thanks for dropping by Bustle & Sew - love your photographs and that fried chicken ... yum!! Would taste lovely eaten in my gazebo! Just marinated and coated you say? But what is starch? We don't have that here :(

    Helen xx

  3. I have that with oversized shirt, small shorts and comfortable dresses. I then walk barefoot. It's the best feeling. Even during the winter when you're in a warm house.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Love love love these pictures ! Especially that one with your skirt.

  5. @Ellie: starch is either "potato starch" or "corn starch" but if you don't have it, you can probably use flour instead. Good luck!

  6. His music sounds very nice, it matches with your pictures.