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Monday, May 2, 2011

found a letter in my mail box today

Today was my day off and I did lots of things around the house.  lots of laundry, cleaning,
worked on my garden ..... put some linen thread from the tree to my corner of window,
so the vine can easily find a way to crimb up and make green curtain for me (hopefully!). 
also made lots of doughnuts and pita bread, invited my nephew for tasting which he loves,
he ate lots of them and then helped me finish making last few doughnuts with me,
and later in the evening, I had mint&ginger tea.  The mint was from my balcony.
This afternoon, I opened my mailbox and found a big surprise...I can't believe this
came all the way from Belgium.  The package was so lovely so as things inside.
All the thoughtful cute things from hermine lovely author of this blog. 
I especially like the dried flower.  I see white one here
but never seen purple one and didn't even know that can be dried like this.
the package of these seed are so cute, love the drawing. 
I wonder what "courgette" is and very excited sowing them.  will see
what kind of leaf are coming out and what kind of flower it might be ☺
so looking forward to plant them. 

thank you Hermine, it was a very nice surprise on my dayoff. 
it is so nice to receive letter from the country where I've never been. 


  1. I'm so happy to see the little flower in your hands. I'm glad you like it.

    Courgette is something you can eat, a vegetable. It grows very fast, hope yours will do it as well.

    Love love,


  2. Hermine,
    thank you so much.
    I will sow them soon and take good care of them, when it started growing here in my garden, I will show you!
    Do you have them in your garden too and eat them?
    Hope you have a lovely afternoon as I had.

  3. Dear Coco, at the moment they are growing in my garden as well. Yesterday the first leaves showed up. Soon I'll post about it.

  4. You remind me that I should grow mint too. Fresh mint in tea is heavenly.

    Hermine is such a sweetheart. Good luck with growing courgettes :)

  5. Hi Coco,

    isn´t it lovely, I was so lucky as well!

    Courgette is zucchini, hope that helps? Anyway its a delicious vegetable:-)

  6. lucky girls!
    Hermine I need some seeds too!

  7. What a sweet testament to wonderful friendship!