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Thursday, May 12, 2011

mind wondering

I was trying to sort out winter clothes, so I can put them away
but as soon as I sat down, my mind went out to something else...
so, have not finished what I was supposed to do.
humm, it happens sometimes.
 recently bought some ceramics at a local shop.
all handmade.
little snack time now


  1. My mind is always wondering! You snack looks good!

  2. These ceramics are wonderful! I like handmade ceramics a lot, have some that my mother made, maybe I show them also sometime. I know that also well, when I start something and end up doing something else :) I hope you had despite a good time!

  3. It happens to me a lot of times! Too much things in my head!

  4. Hi coco! I read your blog everyday. I love your pictures and thoughts that you share with us. Thank you!

  5. @shane, thank you for your nice comment. I would love to see your blog too but I can't access it. Would you like to send me your blog address to my email. Here is my mail