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Sunday, May 8, 2011

morning ritual

Thanks to my linen filters, I can continue to enjoy my morning ritual every day.
my favorite part it when coffee started bubbling in hot hot water. 
Last night, when I came home from work late, it started raining...and this morning,
the sky is still grey.  I prefer bright sunny day but my plants are happy when rains. 
So, from last night rain, they must have gotton exiceted.  They look so vibrant
this morning. 

either soybean or peanut, I think. 
my basil ♡ finally show up & am so happy


  1. Hi coco,

    I'm doing fine. But I'm pretty tired all the time because I'm doing an internship at the moment. Early mornings, early bedtimes, short days. It shouldn't be an excuse, but not blogging must mean I am very tired (or very very lazy, you can name it that too).

    I flash by one some blogs, but I'd like to keep yours for my day off, this Tuesday. And I'll try to blog this week!

    Thanks for caring! :-)

    Oh... and:
    1. Yes, those are my feet. I love love love walking barefeet.
    2. No, that's not my baby. She's my only niece & I'm her godmother. She's the daughter of my brother.

  2. @celestine,
    glad to know that you are doing ok. good luck with your internship.

  3. It looks so nice to use filters like that for coffee in the morning. Is it actually easy to re-use it?

    The most lovely thing about rain is the smell afterwards. And it smells better during spring/summer. Your plants look so nice and happy.

  4. mmm a like a lot your coffee ritual. I have a little cofee maker but I don´t like the taste of the coffee she makes... so I take my coffee at the cafeteria. :)

  5. I´m so glad you like my gardenpictures. I have to start write in english so you can read what I am doing. Have a nice sunday!

    Cilla♥ Bohemian Vintage

  6. I really like these pics - and rituals are nice to have! :-)

  7. Your ritual is so lovely! I even can smell your coffee when I see your pictures. You made so nice pictures of the rain drops on your plants!

  8. Your rituals always look very lovely !

  9. Love your growing garden. Such plant diversity.

  10. Thanks to your linen filters, I too continue to enjoy my daily ritual :) It's so nice to reuse them instead of throwing away so many paper ones. I will make sure they are in my bag when I pack for Sweden.

    Your plants looks happy. x

  11. I have the same morning ritual. And I find it very annoying when I have to miss it for some reason: than I am totally disorganized. So: let us enjoy it every day.