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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pizza for dinner

had a big craving for pizza for dinner tonight,
couldn't think anything other than
went for evening walk just a little bit
saw pretty yellow flower and picked some wild plants
to make dry flower
finally blue sky after the heavy rain
wonder what this is
gathered for dry flower making
what is this?

lately I've been craving for pizza often
just a simple one with herbs and cheese
so I call it cheezy pizza
very easy, quick, simple taste


  1. It looks like "Briza media L." and here we call it shivering grass. That pizza looks so yummy!

  2. The flowers look lovely. And the pizza, mmm, he just have to be delicious !

  3. I am having hard time commenting on other people's blog. anybody having same problem?

  4. I've already had breakfast, but your pizza makes me feel hungry again!
    I had no problems with comments on other blogs, but blogger had been a bit crazy those past days.

  5. hello! looks yum that pizza. And your walk after heavy rain. the plants I grow inside are flowers, soon I will plant them outside. Orange, yellow and pink hopefully. Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  6. I had pizza too, yesterday evening, although I had to take antihistamine before cause I have Histamine Intolerance and am not allowed to eat a lot of food like tomatoes or cheese...
    But sometimes I need to eat some pizza!! For the soul :)

    I know what the plant is: it's quaking grass! It is one of my favorite grass sorts since my childhood. It is shaking lovely in the wind AND you can eat it (the small little things at the end)

  7. oh yes, love that grass!
    we call it 'bevertjes' in Belgium:)

  8. The flowers against the table look so lovely! It makes the perfect background, almost like they're still standing in the field.

  9. coco,

    I'm in love with all the wildlife you have surrounding you :)