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Saturday, May 21, 2011


they won't say a word even when I wisper
but I just keep talking to them every day and then
instead, they respond to you by blooming pretty flowers, showing new sprouts,
changing color of leaves,
as long as I take good care of them, they rememeber
how much love they received

my nasturtium is blooming more and more every day,
this pale orange color is amazing,
it would be nice to have a cheek color like this
and I found this! are they going to be little seeds?
I think they are  ♪  . ..♡
isn't it great they give you something back
 in the end as a littly gift


  1. They are indeed nasturtium seeds and if you let them dry out you can plant them! I love that peachy colour. At my old house we had them in many shades of red, orange, yellow, maroon, even a pinky colour. The bees cross pollinate them and new colours are made - some plain, some speckled or stripey - just amazing! Gardening is very rewarding!

  2. Yes that is seeds to be. Pick and dry and you have your own next year. If you like we can change colours in the mail. I love the nasturtium!

  3. Oh, I am sure that these are seeds! So nice!

  4. What a wonderful post! I love the color of your nasturtium too, so pale but beautiful. Mine are light orange, but not so much in bloom than yours! They seem to enjoy your talks to them!

  5. Nasturtium have a lots of wonderful colors and there are probably few flowers that are so grateful. The color of your Nasturtium is quite wonderful! Glad we could exchange some seeds for spring:) / / Helen

  6. (I'm sorry, I commented with my boy's account I think. It was me :)

  7. this is an amazing color! lucky nasturtium :)