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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

rainy day ☁ 

So many rainy days recently.  Rain gives my plants all they need to grow and am happy to
see my plants being happy and healthy. So, it is ok to have rain once in a while, but
yet I still love sunshine.   I needed some comfortable clothes for this humid and hot season,
I went on shopping and bought me some cotton camisoles, and on the way home,
picked up some fabrics I ordered.  Am so excited to get started making summer clothes.
I also did framing of dried flower I received, nmmm..... smell of Belgium in my room now. 
what style do I want, how detailed?  I might just do simple style...
as I look at different pattens, I also make little notes in my mind how
I want to make these even simpler and easier and still be comfortable to wear. 
I also bought this mint&ginger&lemongrass tea. 
Very soothing !
What kind of day did you have today?  I hope you had a peaceful day ♡ 
harvest from my vege garden.


  1. These fabrics look so nice! Can't wait to see what clothes you will sew out ot it! We have the same wheather here in Germany, hot and humid. I will keep working on my final project - there are just six weeks till I have to fulfill! Sounds a lot, but there is even more work to do! Wish you a wonderful day, Coco!

  2. @mdmslle,good luck with your project. I think six weeks will pass by quikly.

  3. It's been raining here from time to time. I really like the smell of it, but it makes everything seem warmer after.

    Your new fabrics are beautiful. I'm excited to see the clothes you'll be making.

    So nice to see you have a bit of our little Belgium in your room.

  4. Your fabrics are so nice. I love Japanese sewing books! I'm sure you will make some beautiful things. How nice to have a little something from Belgium, too.

  5. clouds and sun here. I miss the rainy days (only a little). nice fabrics!

  6. your rainy days are beautiful!

  7. I love your blog! It's so calm and beautiful.

  8. All lovely new treasures. Those fabrics are amazing.

    (is that the flower I send to you ?)

  9. Oh, I see, blogger has also deleted your new post, the same happend to me and I was not able to use blogger at all for a longer time. Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  10. @Hermine, yes that is the flower you sent me. I am keeping it in my room.
    I tried to make same kind of dried flower but mine became soft. Did you dry flower first before you flattened them??

  11. this is a very pretty selection of fabric... amongst which i think i can spot a Liberty (?)
    i'll be happy to check back and see what you have made !
    i really enjoy your colors and photo style, and this post gives me a boost to re-think about making clothes for myself (i sew for my daughter already) because i have this book and love Japanese sewing & crochet books ! all very inspiring.