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Friday, May 27, 2011

remembrance & roasted mashroom

remember the days I used to jump into the water when it's rain with
rain boots on it...♪ kicking water, making splash and
made friends mad... but won't stop doing the same thing because
it was such a fun to play in the rain ☂
but I am now older, I forget things I used to enjoy.
It's going to be rainy days for a while........

I walked back home after grocery shopping in town.
near the ghost house, wind brought me lovely smell of jasmine which is
one of my favorite flowers, made more thin crust pizza with capers,
roast shiitake mashroom for supper,
gave some of letters to postman, crossing my fingers,
tonight it is little chilly here, so I got heater on !
roast each side of  mashroom
when cooked, cut into small bite size pieces,
marinate with soysouce based salad dressing.
healthy, yammy appetizer
good with either wine or beer
lemon jam, avocado, cherry, bread, salad dressing, jar of capers,
kitchen soap, grated parmesan cheese I bought

                                                                 goooo night


  1. This looks so delicious! And your linen lamp shed is wonderful! Sometimes I think about back too, what I was used to and how I was rasised. And then I think how many years have passed and wonder what I did in all this time. But now I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  2. mmmm, I love roasted mushrooms! especially portobello.