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Saturday, May 14, 2011

salmon cake

today, I made one of my favorite dishes, salmon cake.   It takes about the same
amount of time as making hamburger.  I like making this when I want something different.
Usually, when I make this, I use thyme, my favorite herb now.  I used to like basil a lot but
I like this french thyme I have at the moment.  It is wonderful for pizza, fish dish, salad, etc..
I am not sure what I would do if I ever run out of this thyme since I love it so much. 
salmon cake:
 - salmon fillets       3
 - chopped onion   1/4 (lightly sauteed in olive oil)
 - egg         1
 - bread crumbs   1/4 cup
 - ground pepper   little bit
 - thyme, oregano ( herbs of your choice )

1. grill salmon fillets and then crumbles in to a small pieces and small chunks
2. mix crumbled salmon, egg, sauteed onion, bread crumbs, pepper, tyhme
3. make it as a small ball and coat with bread crumbs
4. put small amount of olive oil in a frying pan and cook it till each side is golden brown
5. now ready to eat !
6. oh, for the sause: mix ketchup and mayonnaise and few drops of soysouce if you like.

white wine with this would be very nice, but I only had red one today.
What kind of dinner are you having tonight?


  1. looks very good out, but I find it hard to eat herbs. But maybe I can try again. Have a great day. //Helén

  2. These sound delicous. I agree that white wine would go well but I just love the colour of red wine and your crystal glass looks beautiful!

    (Blogspot seems to be working fine again but a few little changes on my blog seemed to have dissapeared. Easily fixed though)

  3. :) Looks fantastic! I had vegetable lasagne for dinner, but from the freezer, not homemade, cause I was too tired to cook. Happy that blogger is working again.
    Oh, and next time I am in the Bio Shop, I will buy white pepper :)

  4. I absolutely love salmon, so I'll definitely give it a try.

    Today I made a quick dish: tortellini (not made by me) with a cheese-sauce. I always add peas to my cheese-sauce, because it's my favourite vegetable.

  5. Pizza here, semi-homemade. ;-)
    My husband just walked by and saw your salmon cake and said what is that! I think he would like to try it, as would I.

  6. I think tonight we are having beet soup again. So many beets to eat right now!

    Your blog is so nice Coco. I have just been reading for about 1/2 hour and really enjoy the peaceful life you share. I enjoy many similar things - plants and creating and cooking and peace in my life.