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Sunday, May 15, 2011

simple hair band

I bought a pair of linen pants the other day but for my short leg, it is too long and
did some alteration to make shorter for my size.   So, small amount of this material is
left for me to use for something else.  Since I hate to waste such a good material, I
made it into a little hair band.  Simple one. 
lately, I have been receiving many nice commnets on my blog,
 it is so nice that someone out there appreciate
my simple notes and photos.  very encouraging.
- thank you -
ginger & mint tea


  1. I am a little one to,so each time that I buy a new trousers they need to be cut!

  2. @Alicia,little person like us get lucky that we can have new pants and extra fabric to make something out of it. I guess we are lucky! ha(^^)

  3. hi coco,
    thank you for your nice comment in my blog!
    i really like yours, it´s elegant and very beautiful!
    i´m happy that i found you :)

    see you!

  4. I have to shorten also nearly all of my trousers :)
    But you had a very good idea to use the extra fabric!!