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Saturday, May 28, 2011

sewing and favorite

love candles especially when rain outside
sewing bags and ....etc
oh, I love BAKING bread and other things in OVEN
wooden container
my favorite pan, love the color


  1. Did you make those bags? They're very nice!
    I also love candles in dark cold rainy days. Here it's been sunny for some weeks and too hot, but on friday it was raining all the afternoon, so plants were happy and the air was so clean and fresh! I love raining in hot days!
    Hope you'll see the sun soon. Have a nice day, too!

  2. Oh! You make very beautiful bags!!! i like the one near the candle! I hope you will have sun quickly!! Catherine

  3. Your bags are very pretty!It´s so nice, that you bake your own bread!

  4. I love your bags, I like the colors and textures that surround you. We have so similar taste!