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Sunday, May 29, 2011

typhoon here today

 so much rain and grey sky
 need something brightening
strong wind and heavy rain have been hitting my plants and me
some of the pretty leaves are blown away...very sad and
am so worried about them.
I wish I could be the roof and stong wall to protect them
so they feel being a cozy home
to cheer myself up, I bought two marigold flower,
little bird told me that planting this flower makes
other bugs go away and that is why I got them,
and one rosemary for my pizza ingredient
I also wanted to get oregano but haven't had a luck finding one yet

I also found these cute mugs
 one antique green,
the other one with cute illustration of espresso maker
that I immediately fell in love with
green cardigan, green mug, it was unintentional but I must have been
in this antique green mood, I think it was probably because of typhoon,
my heart is longing for some cozy color.
so so windy! I hope the typhoon won't blow my apt and me away
that I live in a very old apt.  please wish me luck.
hope you are having a better day than I do today


  1. Must be horrible to get hit by a typhoon! I worry bout you! I hope nothing seriouse happens! Here the weather has also changed. A lot of thunderstorms and rain, rain, rain...but today it is sunny again.
    Your mugs are so nice!

  2. I hope you and your plants are ok! I must be scary...
    I wishing you well and hope the typhoon passes by soon.

    ps. I have been on an antique green mood too, I recently painted my nails that color!

  3. Oh, that doesn't sound very good. I hope the weather on your side of the world gets better soon! I'm sending you and your plants some sunshine from here! ☀ ☀ ☀

    We sell oregano at the shop where I work, but I guess that's a bit too far away for you ;)

    Good luck, Coco!

  4. But oh for the typhoon and windstorm. they destroy our flowers and so it's hard to be outside in the garden. Hope your flowers can do now!
    Fine mugs, can be fun to treat themselves when they mourn their flowers. Have a great day!//Helén

  5. Coco, I hope you, your house and your plants are fine. I've never seen a typhoon but I think it must be scary.
    Hope it'll finish soon.

  6. take care of you and your plants! We have marigold too at work, but nobody pought them :(
    Your mugs are very nice, I think that I prefer the green one.
    Good luck with this typhoon, we have returned from my in laws orchard and it was raining a lot so we wait at the car for 10 minutes, but it doesn´t stop and we are all wet now!

  7. Lovely pictures, especially that one with the flowers.

  8. Lovely pictures. Hope the weather soon will get better.