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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

writing and white cotton

writing to someone I have never met
thinking what they look like, what they like to do, where they live,
my imagination goes wilder and wilder 
my heart is so calm and smiling
I am in a peaceful content world as I write
been looking at each person's blog to get some ideas of what they might like,
nmm, she might like this  ❦
hhm, she would like that     
as I write each address, I am traveling around the world
pretty flower baskets hunging on the window in Germany
cute lovely streets and houses lined up in Belgium
fairly tail flowerly places of Austria
lot of exciting lively places in NY
colorful flowers in full bloom and cute little streets of Spain
I am enjoying this

cotton blouse I made on sunday,
was going to wear on Monday but it has been raining
a lot, windy, cool weather ever since


  1. What a lovely blouse you've made. Hope the sun comes back soon so you can wear it.

  2. your blouses look lovely. I can´t wait to recive my letter!!

  3. The blouse is so, so pretty!
    It must be so great to write to all these different countries, I can't wait! You'll certainly receive a letter back from me, but right now I'm excited over the paper I've ordered to write on for the letter.

  4. What a lovely blouse Coco :) I wish I could click on the photographs to see the detail. Have you thought about uploading a slightly larger size at all?

    A little birdie tells me there is something in the mail for you also ;) x

  5. Thank you :) What lovely, delicate fabric. It's really pretty. x

  6. Lovely written! I find it also exciting to think about other places and the world of our blog friends.
    Wow, you are so good in sewing! Your blouse is beautiful!

  7. I hope you can see all the detail of my blouse now. but it is just a very simple one, anyone can make this easily.
    I love this simple style and am thinking about making with different fabrics, next time something colorful, maybe linen, oh or polka dot! I love polka dot but have not find decent fabric yet.

  8. Beautiful blouse! I want to learn to sew, I'm just starting making cushions and little easy things, but hope some day I will be able to sew skirts, blouses and dresses... Love dresses!

  9. That's such a pretty blouse--perfect for a Japanese summer!

  10. beautiful blouse. Looks so comfortable!