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Saturday, May 14, 2011

writing to you

"Good morning" to everyone.  Here is what I have been thinking.
I used to send a petite gift to friends I love during my birthday time, making
someone smile makes me happy.  I really enjoy it.
Prepering and waiting it to be arrived to
receiver is very exciting.  Thinking, writing, wrapping, and
putting each address to destinations.....all these process is so fun.
Next month is my birthday month, and I would like to write to you
whoever like to hear from me and receive little atmosphere of my life. 
You can send me your address

this offer is ended                                                                     


  1. oh! so nice what a good idea! I am going to send you my adress :)

  2. I love your blog!! It is so sweet to read and to see your pictures!! I would be very pride to receive a letter!!! I travelled in your country twice last year and I was really in love!! Have a nice day!! Catherine ( from France)

  3. @Cathrine
    @all of you who might had hard time finding my email address, here is my email

  4. Hallo Coco,

    definately would love to receive something from you. Still working on the letters here, but will try to send them soon!


  5. I've been running around with the exact same idea for a very long time. So I'll give you my address, but please give yours as well. I'll be writing and sending too. Maybe it arrives around the same day!

  6. Thank you for visit my blogg. I like the Japanese Morning glory a lot and the beautiful colour pink-purple. Have a nice day! // Helén

  7. you're thoughtfulness & kindness is very special.
    seeing others happy around me & helping them in my own humble way is also my life philosophy :)

  8. Coco... ha sido una sorpresa para mi ver en el blog de Prunus una carta tuya con hermosas estampillas... busqué el blog remitente y me encuentro con este ofrecimiento maravilloso. Lo curioso es que yo también hice un ofrecimiento muy parecido este mes.... Inconsciente colectivo! ideas en paralelo!... no sé....
    Me encantaría un intercambio de cartas.
    Saludos, Alice

  9. @Alice
    thank you for your comment. I don't know how to read/speak Spanish, so I asked my friend to translate your note for me.
    I wish I could read different language. I saw your blog, it is very fun to see the photos and tried to leave comments but I am having difficulty on my computer.
    I will try again though. Hope you have a good day!