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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

as the darkness progress

                              on this side of the world, i see half moon tonight
                                                                                    pretty moon 
                                              imagining looking up the sky with you



  1. wow! It´s my lunch time so you must be sleeping, we will talk later :)
    Thank you for your kind comments!

  2. At this time ( 3 pm) the sky is grey and cloudy!!

  3. The sky is bright blue with large puffy, white and grey clouds. It's a very calm view. It's nice sharing skies with you.

  4. Right now we have beautiful blue skies here, with a moon like yours already visible. Nice to hear from you Coco. It has been some days since I have been here, and it will be a treat to catch up on your last posts. I am excited about my letter :) I will be sending one your way soon too.

  5. Coco, anoche vi la misma luna.... acá esta amaneciendo (07:35 jueves) 9/6) el cielo está con algunas nubes, la Cordillera de los Andes demora la aparición del sol... imagino que en su lado esta empezando el atardecer.....

  6. I was looking up at that half-moon last night, too, as I walked back in the darkness from putting the hens to bed. Lovely to think that you were watching, too.

  7. on my side of the world a nice envelope has reached my mailbox today ! (i'll take a photo during the weekend) and it made my day beautiful !
    thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts, your kindness & the lovely letter.
    i'll be taking a little blog break very soon, but i handcrafted a little something for you this week as your envelope was travelling to me, so there will be a token of friendship from France on your way these coming days :)
    hontôni arigato xo