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Thursday, June 9, 2011


when the little girl entered the room, her grandfather introduced her to me
"this is beautiful" he said.  then, the little girl with her big smile
"I am beautiful" she said and started dancing on the table.  It was one of the
joyful memories I have from long time ago and remember this as if she is
still dancing in front of me....with pretty smile on her face.
I never knew her name, only remember her as beautiful.


  1. thanks for the nice message and seeds. It is always great fun surprises in the mail:) Should be fun to see if I manage to get a custom balloon wine flower:)
    Is it true that you live in Japan? If you were born there or moved? Hugs Helen

  2. Thank you dear Coco for sending me such kind and touching comments on my blog. I'm happy I found yours and I think we have something in common. I can "recognise" myself in your photos... Ciao!

  3. this is very beautifully said.
    and as for me, i see in this the incredible freedom of childhood & the extra sparkle that goes with it.