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Friday, June 24, 2011


it maybe because of so much rain, some of my vege plants
are having hard time growing. but there was one doing very well,
and today I was able to harvest very first cucumber from my garden.
rather than hiding it's own taste with too much seasoning, i really wanted to enjoy
natural flavor of it, so i just break it into small bite size and added vinegar&soysouce,
and made it like are fresh pickles
occasionally, sun comes out


  1. Es maravilloso comer de la propia huerta, ese goce también lo tengo yo, adoro las plantas y cultivar vegetales! ahora voy a cocinar una sopa, crema de zapallo que coseché esta temporada. ¡Bon appetit!

  2. We have some tiny cucumbers growing in the garden now. I think we might have quite a lot later in the summer. It is exciting to check each day!

    Sorry you keep having so much rain. I think it will settle down soon. We had so much rain for so many months, and finally it seems the sun is here to stick around for a while. Such a relief.

  3. I like how you wanted to keep the cucumber keep its own taste. It looks like a very nice dish, fresh dish. Glad to see you have some sun from time to time. Enjoy it!

  4. Must be wonderful to harvest the first own vegetables!