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Sunday, June 5, 2011


watering all plants in balcony
has become my morning routine
they need plenty of hydration and my attention
I probably have more plants than I should have
but the beautiful green makes me want more herbs and
colorful flowers.....don't know when to stop


  1. I am the same way — I only have a very small space outside, but I keep adding more and more! Everything is so beautiful, it is hard to choose. It looks like you have some very happy plants.

  2. They are doing great! All fresh and green! I can understand that it is hard to stop getting new plants :)

  3. Ha, I know that! I always have to force me to stop buying more plants! There is no room left in our appartment!

  4. They all look so happy. The last pot is my favourite. x

  5. @Mary
    there are other plants I have been wanted,
    Sunflower, Oregano, Citrus tree, Sage&more herbs...etc.
    I am a big sunflower of my favorite plants but wind blows so hard in my place, difficult to have one here.
    I wish I have big farm or garden to grow all those things! don't you feel that way?

  6. Pensé que al otro lado del mundo las plantas serían muy diferentes... y tu jardín parece el mío... compartimos las mismas plantas en las antípodas!

  7. I wish so much too, Naoko. I grew up with a huge garden so it feels unnatural to live in a small apartment where I have no ground to call my own. We will have this one day dear! x

  8. Flowers, I can not get enough of, but it can be a pain to water them every day.//Helen

  9. they look very healthy !
    and love helps, too !