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Sunday, June 19, 2011

green tomatoes

sadly, one of the biggest branch of tomato fell off this morning,
it has lots of new flowers and baby tomatoes but
couldn't save it..............
so, I just gathered whatever might be edible,
but had no idea what to do with these so green baby tomatoes
.....twisted my brain around and came up with the idea of easy quick pickles
if you happend to have green tomatoes like this here is the recipe
green tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, pinch of salt, and few drops of soysauce,
and sesame seeds on top


  1. Me gusta mucho la idea, voy a probar. Mis tomates aun están floreciendo y con muchos tomates verdes y ya es casi invierno por lo que no van a lograr madurar!
    Se ve muy bueno el encurtido!

  2. Green tomatoes are poisonous. At least you should cook them before using as food. Its same kind of poison as in potatoes that have gotten some sun light and become green.

  3. I haven't eaten green tomatoes before, but I heard in some cultures they only eat the green ones.