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Saturday, June 18, 2011

homemade tortilla

have been craving for tortilla very very much and also other mexican foods as well,
finally made tortilla this afternoon, it's not nearly as good as real tortilla but I can take it
for now since I miss it so so much, and with the help of salsa souce, it wasn't too bad,
at least it is homemade, I am satisfied with it, whether it is too far away to get real food or too costly,
I learned to make those things by myself, one day, I would love to be able to make
real mexican tortilla from scratch, just love mexican food and miss it


  1. it is good with homemade tortillas, there's lots of ingredients to buy, atleast here in Sweden::)//Helen

  2. wow, those look tasty! I have never made them from scratch before...

  3. mmm mexican food!! sometimes I make crepes and my family enjoy them a lot!

  4. To me they look very professional and yummy.

  5. Concuerdo en que se ven muy bien y deliciosas!

  6. I also love mexican food, bought some blue corn flour and I have to try to make tortillas, the blue corn ones are the best!

  7. You did it! They look so good, ah I miss California Mexican food now :)