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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

hot day

hot and humid day but instead of taking a bus, i walked from the train station
to home, so i can see around the world more closely, recently i found this small restaurant
who sells plants with very reasonable price, she always keeps some kind of different plants
and flower pots on the side, so i like to stop by every time when i walk by,
today, she had lots of colorful flowers
after i left above flower shop, i found this
summeryly flowers as i took steps climbing the hill
so hot....
after i climbed the hill, these blue flowers cheered me up
few more blocks to get home.....
two plants i bought today on the way home
zinnia elegants and coleus
finally, i am home


  1. A lovely journey to your home! Your new plants are also lovely! Glad to see the sun is back!

  2. I love coleus! I ordered some of them for the shop :)
    Tomorrow I will send your letter-parcil!!

  3. A walk is wonderful when you have nice things to look at the road. Nice with cheap flowers that can be purchased for the road:) / / Helen

  4. what a nice walk ! thank you for sharing !
    it is funny you also have lantanas (that's how we call the plant with the orange flowers) in Japan. I had some in a container last year (but more pink than orange) but they are not perennial, so none anymore this year :(