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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

kitchen story

made three thin pizza                                               
small one for my coworker
medium for another coworker
large one for me ✾ "ha"
but one thin slice of pizza is not enough for me
so I made rice balls and cucumber pickles
and pineapple for my desert ♪
have been collecting jars and bottles
will make second....third use for something
one for coffe
one for seasoning
just thinking what to put inside in each cute jar ♬
recycling is fun


  1. I think your coworker are happy people!! I wish I can eat one of this delicious pizza! Catherine

  2. Oh! you make me think at my daughter. She asks for five biscuits to take to school. Of course only one for her and the other ones for her friends!

  3. Dear coco,
    I love the sweet simplicity in this post...wholesome food, pretty fabric, gleaming glass jars. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you think you could share how you make the rice balls? They look enticing!

  4. Me encanta reciclar frascos... y mis amigos lo saben y me entregan los suyos para que vuelva a usarlos... para almacenar, como floreros... adoro la forma de envolver el almuerzo, la tela es preciosa y el almuerzo se ve delicioso. ( Coco, quisiera poder escribirle en inglés pero no sé suficiente el idioma, aun así me encanta tanto el blog que no puedo dejar de comentarlo!)

  5. Pizza! I love it! But I love japanese food too. I can't understand where are you from. But I'm having a great time reading your blog and looking at your photos!