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Sunday, June 5, 2011

letter is nice

received a nice letter back yesterday with cute drawing of her plants
and story of her life inside was so charming ♪
it was such a nice feeling to receive unexpected letter

I now appreciate reading a beautiful handwritten letter
appreciate writing to someone
as I hold a pen, my mind is getting in a calm relaxed mood,
drawing, selecting stamps, gathering bit of gift from my daily life,
all packed in one
now ready to be handed to postman
those who have not received one yet, sorry that I was slow
but now it is on the way to your house
lots of ❦from my land


  1. Wow, you are very busy with sending letters, great!

  2. It's fun to hand-written letter for it is not often you get one like that today:) Longing! / / Helen

  3. I totally agree !
    I had forgotten how special it feels when there's a handwritten letter to be found in the mailbox.
    I am a lucky girl today :)